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You can forget all or can be remembered in History.

We represent Zabej Community in Belarus.

The main aim of Zabej activity is formation of new values. The main method is creation of new social horisontal contacts in Belarus. We are aimed at a search of active young people - leaders who is capable to see and to solve society problems.

Our principle is "Think globally, act locally" .

Our values are: Belarus, social justice, activity, solidarity, human, subjectivity. Dissemination of Zabej ideas occures through direct action today:
- Football tournament of amateur teams in Minsk (the capital) and country regions.
- Issue of self publishing journal.
- Organization of intelligent video classes.
   Also, a number of one-off projects (cultural cocktail, short movies, concerts, etc.)

Football tournament is the most simple and accessible form of youth organization today and an alternative way of spending leisure time. We spend it on a regular basis since 2006 in Minsk. Since 2008 regions have joined too. During this time, this social project has attracted many participants at the age from 16 to 25. Tournament is nonprofit and contributions are not guessing. We look for finance everywhere. In 2010 intellectual component was attached to tournament: we informed participants about the activity of historical heroes of Belarus (passionates), who have left their mark on History in informational brochures. So we called our tournament Passionates Tournament.

Community issues a self publishing journal ZABEJ!INFO, where the social, cultural, economic and political topics are opened. We evaluate the events which occur both in our country and abroad. The magazine is aimed at different audience but mainly at youth and underground. Anyone can join the creation of the journal.

In the autumn-winter period we organize public video classes called Kinobunker. We select themes and problems, watch video and speaker reports in each show. After the audience asks questions and the discussion is formed. Zabej considers the movie is not just a product for consumption, but as an opportunity to learn from the experience of heroes, aesthetics, ethics, behaviors and values of the product creator. Kinobunkers aim is to identify the problem and its solution. We simulate the situation showed in movie to the reality around us.

All Zabej Community projects enable young active people to be involved in the process of solving specific problems and creating new models and stereotypes of social behavior, learning from experience and knowledge first of all.

Website is functioning for better coordination of our activities. At its pages posters and releases of our events, photo and video reports are placed. This resource is the official source of community.

We are not sponsored by public authorities and other government organizations or political parties. But we are looking for recognition and support from the Belarusian society.

Our slogan is "Look! Think! Act!"

Contact us:
tel. +375295030892

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